Anatomy Knowledge for Cosmetic InjectionsAnatomy Knowledge for Cosmetic Injections

Anatomy Knowledge
for Cosmetic Injections

A learning resource that can help you reduce risks for neurotoxin and filler treatments through the understanding of anatomy.

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  • Anatomy Explanations
    Concise and relevant anatomy knowledge for all 14 neurotoxin areas and 18 filler areas.
  • Anatomical Diagrams
    Clear illustrations of danger zones, injection planes, muscle layers, and much more.
  • Cadaver Dissections
    Understand the underlying structures through studying cadaver images and videos.
  • Procedure Demonstrations
    Markings of injection points and injection techniques demonstrated on real patients.
  • Emergency Protocol
    Know what to do in the unlikely event of a complication to prevent further damage.

3 Reasons
Why You Need
Anatomy for Injectors

  • Anatomy is Fundamental
    Understanding the facial anatomy is crucial to mitigating risks of complications for your injectable patients.

  • Supplement Hands-On Training
    Alongside learning how to inject in-clinic, you should know what you’re injecting into and which dangerous structures to avoid.

  • Continual Learning
    As medical knowledge is constantly evolving, it is important for practitioners to undergo on-going education in cosmetic knowledge.

Testimonies From Experts
Around The

  • Dr Nik Davies - Senior Aesthetics Doctor at Dolce Vita Skin Clinic, Australia

    Anatomy for Injectors is a great source of information for both the seasoned and beginner injector. It highlights the most important points that we need to be aware of as we seek for the best patient outcomes but always keeping patient safety paramount.

    01 / 03
  • Dr Lee Walker - Clinical Director of BCity Clinics, Liverpool

    An essential learning tool for all aesthetic injectors .. a must have !!

    02 / 03
  • Dr Cathy Biyun Zhai - Cosmetic Practitioner, Australia

    The anatomy for injectors course is an extensive and well written education resource. It gives me good understanding of relevant facial anatomy around fillers and toxins, hence more confidence in avoiding complications during my practice.

    03 / 03